BEneSc 2050


About – The project

BEneSc2050 is a customized software, designed for the building sector, which forecasts the energy demand of districts or cities until the year 2050. Using detailed current information, the program assesses the owner’s decision regarding heating system and thermal insulation. In addition, decisions regarding solar potential model are implemented. Decisive here is the energy price scenario and associated political decisions, which can be predetermined by the user. In addition the expansion of any available district heating can be simulated to allow consideration to be given to its’ availability.

The cost estimates for the different systems are subject to a dynamic economic efficiency calculation. The decision algorithm is based on a multinomial logit model.

The program was developed within two PhD thesis in the Unit Energy Efficent Buildings at the University of Innsbruck, Austria (

The main scenarios

Choose between IPCC temperature scenario RCP 4.5, RCP 8.5 or steady temperature

Choose between different energy carrier price scenarios.

Choose between different funding from government.

Choose the population growth in your city.

Choose to ban any particular energy carriers on a year by year basis

Choose the thermal quality standard of new buildings

The results

The outcome of the calculation is a presentation of the energy demand and the distribution of the energy carrier, as well as the environmental impacts. Economical and financial effects are also evaluated. The impact of funding strategies, which affect the installation of heating systems, thermal insulation and installation of solar/pv systems, are assessed from this bottom-up approach.

Each building can be mapped on the geographic information system (GIS). The software is a tool, which primarily serves as a support for city planners and associated policy decisions.